Discover the story of Austrian tinie buttons.

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What are Austrian tinie buttons?

The kind of buttons I use in my jewellery are incredibly detailed, like the Austrian tinies dating back to the end of the 19th century (1880).  These buttons were mass produced in Europe until the early 20th century (around 1920) and worn on ladies clothing. Discover the types of clothing Austrian tinie buttons were worn on in the link below:

Austrian tinies consist of several parts, often with pierced metal surface to reveal other metal or material layers below.  Traditionally these buttons were 1cm in diameter, I have others in my collection which are 1.5cm in diameter.                                          

Shown below on their original cards, I keep hold of them as a source of design inspiration as I love their flamboyant imagery and text.

 Designs and symbolic meanings

Many Austrian tinie buttons feature stylised floral and leaf images as well as symbolic motifs.  There are several meanings for the shamrock; commonly known as a good luck charm, the individual leaves either symbolise faith, hope or love.

Cornucopia (below left); also known as the horn of plenty is a symbol of abundance and nourishment.  Characterised by a long horn-shaped container usually overflowing with fruit, vegetables and flowers.

 Horseshoe; another symbol of good luck and a protective talisman when the two ends are pointing upwards to ward off 'evil eye' 

Star; magical, spiritual and inspiring, the star symbol appears in every culture around the world and has numerous meanings.   

Sun; represents life, energy, strength and rebirth.

Key; is a symbol of freedom and liberation and also represents knowledge and success.

Austrian tinie buttons transformed

Its a pleasure to work with these exquisite little buttons over 100 years old and create them into jewellery, and who knows?... wearing a Harvey and Quinn piece could bring you good luck !

Two toned earrings.



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